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There are two things that every business today needs to prosper. They are heart and energy.

By heart, I mean the ability to connect with customers in a way which moves them . It's a thoroughly people thing. A skill which has the customer enjoy the experience and want more of it.

By energy, I mean the location or environment where the experience is had, In the old days, it used to be said that location was everything, but location without heart often leaves a customer feeling cold and disappointed.

And so, this week I discovered a campground in Virginia which has both in ample quantities. Owned and run by Erich and Shulamit Schumacher who provide a living example of how to combine heart and energy to make a successful business.

When they first set eyes on Country Waye Campground, Shulamit describes the feeling of knowing that this was THE place for her. You know the feeling of having been to the place before, well that's how she felt.

Perched in the Shenandoah Valley, it's just a few miles from lots of attractions and places of historical importance. Yet it's a million light years away from these too.

As I sit writing this piece, a number of gloriously colored birds have visited my camping patch to say hello. Their song is of happiness, wonder and expectation. They uplift my soul.

Over in the far corner, a small herd of cows have taken shelter from the sun under a large tree. Periodically their conversation interrupts the bird's singing. But, you know, there's room for both here.

The greenery of the scene around me is also awesome to behold. How did so many shades of green get invented Who put all of them here, within my sight, to enjoy?

And so the energy of this place is strong, vibrant, beautiful and calming. A place where I can be lost in my own thoughts one moment and steeped in history the next.

But it takes special people to harness and energy so pure and turn it into something special for us consumers to enjoy.

Erich and Shulamit are just such people. When we asked about campgrounds at the nearby Shenandoah National Park Visitors Center, a park employee mentioned Country Waye as a place she liked. When I asked her what it was she liked about, here's what she said:

"I've never stayed there but when I pass by, it has a really nice feel to it"

And it has. In our two years of travelling the world full time, we've learned to sniff out a great place as we approach the entrance. The energy and heart of a business transmits way beyond it's immediate physical location and this one does in abundance.

Erich and Shulamits' hearts sing out in this place in a number of ways:

  • I love the grounds. They are carefully and beautifully tended and the view is magical.
  • We were greeted with smiles the minute we arrived - and they lasted all through our visit
  • The bathrooms are spotless and homey
  • The play areas have been carefully positioned so that the active don't get in the way of the resting!
  • Herbs from the herb garden were available to us
  • Plans for the future are exciting
But heart is more than just a list of the things I've experienced whilst being here. Heart is about the love people give when serving their customers. And this is where Erich and Shulamit excel. It's done effortlessly and genuinely and without conditions.

For those who've forgotten what it's like to be on the receiving end of that sort of service, it's worth coming here to remember that alone!

And so, my days here have been restful, energizing and full of human goodness, cultural richness and scenic wonder. Thank you to Erich and Shulamit for packaging these beautifully at The Country Waye.

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July 22, 2009